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Miku"可愛湯's ЯocКレシピ / Kawayu's ЯocК Recipe" Autograph Session

Recently AN CAFE's miku had been holding a special event for the introduction of his essay book „可愛湯's ЯocКレシピ / Kawayu'sЯocК Recipe".
We would like to present the contents of this event more thoroughly to you with this special video!


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Episode 142: AN CAFÉ、"君は僕の太陽さ/ Kimi ha Boku no Taiyou sa"!!

NYAPPY, everyone! o(≧∀≦)o
This is Kanako, writer at musicJAPANplus!!
I wish you all a happy New Year! Please keep reading and supporting musicJAPANplus this year as well♪

Well, yesterday on January 4th I have been on my first live for 2010 and the band I had been going to see were of course AN CAFÉ! For them it had been their last show at Nippon Budokan before they would go on their announced break...
There were a lot of Cafekkos which were brimming with uncertainty towards this situation. For all of you Cafekkos, who could not go, I really wanted to tell you about it as quickly as possible!

Seasonal Survery feat. AN CAFE!

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AN CAFÉ, who will held 「LIVE CAFE 2010 "キング オブ 原宿ダンスロック / KING OF HARAJUKU DANCE ROCK"~いきなりニャッピーレジェンド / IKINARI NYAPPY LEGEND~」on January 4, returns to the Seasonal Survey. o(≧∀≦)o

Since it is December, the questions will be about X'mas!
What kind of X'mas have they spent so far? They will share a story with us right now!
It seems that they have spent some impressive days when they were young... (laugh)
If you are wondering what kind of experience they had, read our survey right now!

Please enjoy to the end!
Read the whole interview here!

Review: Seasonal Survey feat. Dio (Do you know there are multiple language versions on musicJAPANplus?)
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Mun name: Sako
Muse name: Aoi
Band (AU or non-AU?): Ayabie [non-AU]
Muse's LJ:
AIM screenname: ecumenicalXimage
Questions/comments: nope
Brief character bio: Aoi is the vocalist of Ayabie; He can be shy sometimes but will open up to others once given the chance. He can be insecure about little things but tries to stay positive a lot of the time. He loves his dog, Mia, almost as much as Ayabie! He spends his free time either shopping or playing with Mia. He can be very happy and bouncy sometimes but, does have a slight temper.

Example post, theme: Making an order:

Aoi let out a light sigh as he cut the engine to his scooter, making sure it was safely parked up before he climbed off and removed his helmet. He looked over at the coffee shop infront of him, his dark eyes flicking over the sign. He laughed quietly, remembering his sister had told him that the place was really bright and happy. "It'll be just your scene Aoi!" He brushed his fingers through his hair as he headed through the front door, casting a glance around the room. It seemed nice enough to him. Crossing the room as he swung his helmet casually in his hand, flashing a light smile at the guy behind the counter before looking over the menu before him. Choices, choices. He pulled some notes from his back pocket before looking up again, eyes scanning the menu once more before finally making his choice.
"Uhm...I'll just have a cappuccino please." He waited a moment before taking the hot mug and moving to one of the empty tables, taking a seat and pushing a hand through his hair. It didn't seem that bad in here...He smiled to himself and rummaged in his jacket pocket for his phone, updating his blog as usual.


Mun name: Jennifer
Muse name: Miyavi
Band (AU or non-AU?): AU
Muse's LJ: ihavealollypop
AIM screenname: x0noone0x
Brief character bio: Miyavi is 21, and has just moved from Kyoto, after his Kyoto-based band he had been in since age 17 broke up. They never got very popular, but Miyavi is determined to be famous, so he left for Tokyo the night after their final show.
There is no doubt that in any group of people he finds himself in, he is by far the most flamboyant. He loves rainbows, being the center of attention, screaming, guitar, candy, and himself. And sex. He likes them tiny and pretty, long hair and cute skirts. Femininity is a must; Being female is optional. Still, he's fond of breasts.
He dislikes quiet, being alone, black coffee, not being famous, no-smoking areas, and people mispronouncing his name. It's MiyaVi!

Example post, theme: Making an order:
Miyavi strode into the first cafe he saw. His eyes widened upon stepping into the brightly colored room, "I love this place!" he cried out, eyes on the rainbow streamers dangling from the ceiling.
A pretty redheaded waitress in a maid's dress stared at him with wide eyes from behind black glasses. It was a maid cafe? It didn't look like one! But, all the better! Maids were cute. Miyavi crossed the room in a few long strides, and the maid bowed quickly.
"How may I help you, sir?" 'she' asked in a shockingly deep voice, now looking down at the floor. Miyavi's grin widened. What a place!
"Get me a caramel cappuccino~" He requested.
"Yes sir. Please, have a seat," the maid said, stuttering slightly as he led Miyavi to a table, then rushed off to get the drink.
Miyavi watched his butt as he did so, grinning.
Maid Day

Evening shift

'Waitresses': Miku, Takuya

And we're off!Collapse )


Mun name: Hana
Muse name: Shim Changmin (Nickname is Max. Or Minnie, if you're daring.)
Band (AU or non-AU?): Tohoshinki / Tong Vfang Xien Qi / Dong Bang Shin Ki. AU.
Muse's LJ:
AIM screenname: # to the maaxx
Questions/comments: None
Brief character bio: He sings tenor part in Tohoshinki, but since Minnie would probably be mauled in the streets if he went out without cover, Tohoshinki doesn't exist in this universe. He's 19 and a college student drabbling in different things. He's not really sure what he wants to be, but he knows he wants to be something. He's quick-witted and sometimes sarcastic, but he has a caring heart and always tries to stick up for what's right. He's Korean and can speak both Japanese and Korean, although sometimes has trouble with Japanese. Something of a softcore shut-in as Japan is really unfamiliar to him and he doesn't know many people. However, he's very sociable once he gets to know people and makes a friend or two. Yeah, Tohoshinki's nonexistant, but he loves to sing and dance, etc. Oh. And, he's really tall.

Example post, theme: Making an order:

length! 8DCollapse )


Mun name: Jon
Muse name: Hasegawa
Muse's LJ: hasegawa_san1
AIM screenname: HasegawaSan1

Desired Position:
Senior Manager/Owner

Educational Background
MBA, BA Management, BA Music Production - [University]

Employment History
Manager, Starbucks. Asst. Producer, [Record Label]

Whenever I have to be there. Or when I'm bored.

Please write a paragraph explaining why you would like to work at Antic Cafe
Because I'm tired of the corporate world.

If applicable, note any misleading statements or lies your muse wrote on his application (Unless blatant, will not be noticed in character): He doesn't really want to work so much as have a place to hang out, listen to music, play video games, and get paid for it. And his business model? Guys dressed up like girls are really nonthreatening, and young girls will flock to his cafe as a result. And really, would guys willing to dress up like girls really be interested in real girls anyway? Well, maybe, this is Japan, after all...but the odds certainly improve...

Brief bio of character:  At 31, Hasegawa is tired of working. Graduating top of his class at both undergrad and graduate levels in business administration, he's not lacking in genius, just motivation. He doesn't like bosses, and swore to never work for one again; and if he became one, he'd be treat his workers the same. To a point. On the other hand, his life savings is in this place, and doesn't plan on letting it fail either, and promised he'd crack down if he had to. He just hopes it doesn't come to that.


Mun name: Rei
Muse name: Tanaka Reina
Band (AU or non-AU?): Morning Musume, AU
Muse's LJ: ambitiousxgirl
AIM screenname: aPr1l k1sS
Questions/comments: [none but I don't want her to really be in Morning Musume >.>;;; at least just not yet]
Brief character bio: She attends a university that deals with Music and Arts, she attends for her vocals and her dancing.
She's a very sweet girl that has a passion for singing and dancing. She's shy about certain things but can get up and Karaoke with no music in front of a big crowd. [if any question comes to mind feel free to ask~! ^.^ my s/n is the same as hers]

Example post, theme: Making an order:

A small sigh escaped her thin lips as she was rejected to put another flier out for a free performance. She was trying so hard to book a small performance to get her voice out there, not only for credit but to possibly become a regular singer to get a small amount of fame. She stopped in front of a small cafe and smiled as she walked in. Even if she got rejected she'd still be able to enjoy the cafe'. She walked to the counter in her cute school uniform and asked for the manager. She was nervous with all the pretty males that worked there, she didn't have luck with guys, so cute-pretty boys made her a bit shy and possible intimidated.